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Football Agents Should Not Be Sent Off – They Just Need a Better Set of Rules

Daniell Parnell and Paul Widdop (Research Fellow in Consumption, Leeds Beckett University)


The war for talent is raging across the world.  From Silicon Valley to Zhongguancun, organisations and institutions battle to recruit the best the world has to offer.  So why is the football labour market viewed any differently to that of other industries or sectors?  Surely demand for star players should be no different to the demand for product designers, data scientists and programmers.


Yet in light of the current controversies surrounding issues such as third-party ownership (TPO) and accusations of greed, and due to its mass market global appeal, football is different.


It seems strange then, that so little is known about the inner workings of the football machine – and in particular, those mysterious agents who grease the wheels, move the cogs and, apparently, make vast sums of money in the process.


Football agents make some of the biggest deals in football, sometimes profiting hugely from the talents of their superstar clients.  Their role can be defined as “representing clubs and players within the context of contracts or transfer negotiations”……..


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