New Publication for Dan Parnell – Football and Physical Health: What Do We Know?

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Congratulations to Dan Parnell on his new publication:


Football and Physical Health: What Do We Know?

Daniel Parnell, Ed Cope, Richard Bailey, Peter Krustrup and Kathryn Curran

Sport in Society

ISSN: 1743-0437 (print) 1743-0445 (online)

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DOI: 10.1080/17430437.2016.1207787

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Our current understanding is that football is a popular intervention option and can offer valuable health improvement programme success.  This includes interventions delivered by professional football clubs and their respective in the community programmes, as well as other sports clubs organizing recreational football and Football Fitness, which is small-sided football training rather than competitive 11v11 matches.  This article seeks to communicate an understanding of the role of football in physical health improvement using research, grey literature and policy documentation undertaken predominantly across the UK and Europe.  The core themes that emerge from the review include the following health conditions and behaviours: overweight and obese, cardiovascular disease and lifestyle-related diseases; and the following target groups: children and young people, men, women and older adults, including Black, minority and ethnic groups.  The evidence supports the health effects of football for these conditions and behaviours across the lifespan through controlled interventions and through community-based football programmes.  The article concludes with a number of practical implications to improve the effectiveness of football-led physical health interventions.

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