Progress Towards a Statue of Sylvia, by Dr Kate Cook



The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee is very happy to report that considerable progress is being made in the campaign to erect the statue designed by prominent labour movement sculptor Ian Walter.  They are working closely with Islington Council to place Sylvia on Clerkenwell Green as part of their refurbishment of the area and are optimistic that they will succeed before the centenary of the first (but limited) voting rights for women in 1918.

They have:

a website at (and you can see the maquette of the sculture there);

a facebook page, search for: A Statue for Sylvia Pankhurst ( where you can also donate to the campaign; and

twitter: @sylviastatue


You may be interested to know that a maquette of the statue (about 2 foot high) can now be seen in the Marx Memorial Library on Clerkenwell Green.

We are asked to let Megan Dobney know if we can supply any additional materials or information (  Kate Cook has written to her about the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender Research Centre Blog


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